Episode 11: Tiff Svitko

Tiff Svitko

TIFF SVITKO chills in Studio 1Q as we talk about online dating, moving to Chicago, being a mom, scams and too much stuff to fit in one summary!


We talk about online dating, how it has changed over the years and her memorable/”un-nice” experiences.

We talk about dick pics and nudies floating around on the internet.

Tiff used to live in Indiana and moved to Chicago.

Sammy asks her about being a mother. Tiff also talks about her poetry, shoes and dating shorter people.

She talks about her first date with her current beau. Tiff then describes the dating site known as Project Fix Up

We rail against the greedy stupidity of the Game King video poker scammers.

Tiff talks about podcasts she likes and possible future projects.

She’s really into pajamas.

If you ever visit her house, there are two naked Ken dolls to greet you.

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