100: Daniel Strauss


Second City’s DANIEL STRAUSS (@danielstrauss) returns for PopFury’s 100th episode! We talk about Star Wars, Back to the Future Day, Yom Kippur, Mythbusters ending and bad behavior when travelling.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Daniel is in the middle of creating a new show at Second City. He is also wearing the old man Chucks we talked about in episode 75.

4:25 Sammy is intrigued by Daniel’s graying temples. Daniel uses Just For Men AutoStop Real Black to dye his hair.

“And so we had to pretend we were changing a tire…and they made us take our shirts off for the audition.”

8:15 Daniel remembers his favorite audition.

10:15 He is not buying into the Star Wars hoopla and gives a stirring reenactment of prequel trilogy dialogue.

“I have trouble getting hyped up for things because I’m often let down.”

16:00 Daniel rips into Back to the Future Day and other “internet holidays.” He patiently explains Yom Kippur to Sammy.

21:40 Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki is developing a sitcom based on the book “A year of living biblically” – this leads Sammy and Daniel into a deep dive into Daniel’s faith and upbringing.

29:18 Mythbusters is coming to an end.

“You want to see the absolute worst human beings have to offer? Go to an airport. Get on a plane.”

31:40 A man attacked a woman for reclining her seat on a plane. Daniel recounts the poor manners he’s seen on his travels.

37:45 Subway has agreed to measure its sandwiches to ensure they match the advertised size. This is the first year McDonald’s has closed more stores than it has opened.

44:13 This episode 100. Sammy gives thanks to guests, fellow podcasters and listeners.

46:22 Outro

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