109: Amber & Andy

Amber Vaughn Robinson and Andy Junk

AMBER ROBINSON and ANDY JUNK inaugurate PopFury’s new penthouse digs, Studio 4W! They talk Star Wars, Sixteen Candles, the worst college play ever, Jessica Jones, Andy’s marriage proposal, Russian WiFi and Star Trek.


0:00 INTRO

0:50 Amber is playing Maid Marian…..’s elderly father.

3:00 Andy is not so crazy about Star Wars. Amber breaks down everything wrong with John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles.

“It’s my social responsibility as an American to see Star Wars.”

10:05 Amber and Andy were in an atrocious 4-hour artistic disaster of a college play with a crazy German director, black face, nudity, a mid-show talkback and actual homeless families. Enjoy the trailer for “Into An Unlulled Sleep”.

26:00 SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING JESSICA JONES We broadly discuss Netflix’s second Marvel offering, Jessica Jones.

30:05 We discuss manipulative significant others and being the jerk in the relationship. Andy tests Amber’s sitcom knowledge.

“No matter how unromantic your proposal is, people will think it’s very sweet.”

35:15 Andy shares the story of his marriage proposal.

40:10 A Texas Grandmother beat her daughter in the Beer Mile World Championships.

“We have a theory that Amber’s never been drunk because she thinks she’s drunk…”

42:30 Amber forces Andy to watch Russian theater on YouTube. She Ambersplains the origins of the Soviet Union’s arts scene and shares her experiences as student there.

49:20 Russia will be adding public WiFi to cemeteries

53:15 Listen to the fantastic Remake and Rabbit Hole podcasts!

54:25 Amber and Andy share their feelings on the new Star Trek trailer and explain why Star Trek: Deep Space 9 would not work on the big screen.

“Not getting angry is not the same as Happy-Go-Lucky…”

59:55 We analyze Hipster Santa Claus and determine what it would take for Amber to assault on an inflatable St Nick.

1:07:30 Outro

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