173: Erica & Rebecca

Erica Reid and Rebecca Hanson

ERICA REID (@drunkmonkeyshow) and REBECCA HANSON (@phunkybeck) give PopFury the full cross-country catch up! They talk about American Girl’s Logan doll, Rebecca’s South Dakota experiences, Erica’s trio of kittens and, naturally, Loretta Lynn’s ranch.


0:00 Intro

1:40 Rebecca and Erica share how they spent their (non-romantic) Valentine’s Day.

3:40 Erica just got THREE new kittens. They are destroying her home. They even their own Twitter: @3kttns

9:35 Rebecca helped run the Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake, Iowa. Sammy wonders what rider demands Erica and Rebecca would have.

16:45 Rebecca did not care for her experiences in South Dakota’s restaurants, airports or truck stops.

23:00 Erica is going to Tennessee to visit the Loretta Lynn Ranch. The ladies share what they still NEED to do in their lives.

28:15 Even though her knees are sharp and janky, Erica is doing her first half-marathon in Vermont

32:15 Rebecca and her husband are moving to Los Angeles.

37:20 An 80-year-old woman accidentally brought a sword-cane through airport security. Erica had her own run in with security.

40:05 A man mailed himself Crystal Meth to try on vacation in Key West.

41:20 American Girl added a new boy doll, Logan Everett the drummer, to its line up. Rebecca and Erica recall their own childhood dolls.

50:00 Outro

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