171: Mandy & Erin

Mandy Sellers and Erin Goldsmith

MANDY SELLERS and ERIN GOLDSMITH brutally enforce the “no smoking” policy in Penthouse Studio 4W! They talk about their upcoming weddings, the Jerry Maguire video store, their tempers and one very epic bus brawl…


0:00 Intro

1:45 Both Erin and Mandy are getting married soon! Sammy wants to know how they met their fellas, when they knew they dug them and their proposal stories.

12:15 They are doing a joint bachelorette party in New Orleans. Sammy wonders if you can be in a relationship too long before getting married.

18:25 Mandy recently started working with a personal trainer.

20:55 Erin is happy a bunch of “murder shows” are on Netflix. She once wanted to be a forensic scientist.

25:15 A LA video store is only stocking Jerry Maguire VHS tapes you cannot rent. Sammy wonders if Erin and Mandy would have been friends in high school.

30:25 Erin, who is from Long Island, and Mandy, who is from nowhere specific in Canada, are both getting married in Chicago.

31:55 A woman organized a Women’s March in a tiny town in Minnesota. Neither Mandy or Erin attended the march in Chicago.

36:00 Erin and Mandy share how they argue with their significant others. They both have hot tempers and tell Sammy what sets them off.

42:45 Mandy shares her epic city bus brawl story and Erin shares a much less epic story. Sammy asks if their tempers have ever affected their careers.

53:45 Outro

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