170: Molly Wilbanks Anderson

Molly Wilbanks Anderson

MOLLY WILBANKS ANDERSON (website) returns to PopFury to talk about “the worst year” she’s had as an actor, living in Los Angeles, what she misses in Chicago, and a fleeting experience at a LA Scientology center.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Molly was last on PopFury waaaaay back on episode 3. Sammy sees if there are any updates to the show notes about her personal life from back then. 

“It’s easy to focus on the wrong things when you live in L.A.”

9:30 Sammy calls bullshit when Molly says she’s coming off the worst year she’s had as an actor.

Eddie Mujica and Molly Wilbanks Anderson on Celebrity Name Game

13:30 She appeared on Celebrity Name Game with Sarpy County People’s Choice Award winner Eddie Mujica. She blames Jane Kaczmarek for their loss.

19:30 Molly turned down being a contestant on a “race car game show”

“I dress like a boy and I love it.”

21:15 Two strangers who were “very L.A.” approached her on the street and said her dog should be in the movies. Molly tries to explain L.A. fashion.

25:20 Molly is in Chicago for a wedding. She is very excited to dress like the Wizard of Oz. Molly shares what Chicago things she misses.

33:00 She explains what the improv scene is like in LA.

“Hollywood Boulevard is like Clark Street with more deaths…”

35:45 Molly is way too excited about redecorating her apartment. Molly tries to plug her husband’s card game: Corporate Ladder 

40:25 Molly thinks in hindsight what she what she would have wanted to know when moving to L.A.

43:30 A corporate cafe is accepting a 6-minute workout as payment for a lunch meal.

45:55 To save energy, France is urging people to not send e-mails with big attachments.

47:45 Molly went to Albania on mission work and ended up doing improv on Albanian TV.

“The whole time I was like, ‘I want to save you…’”

50:30 Molly lives near the Scientology Celebrity Center and once attended an event there.

54:50 Outro

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