168: John & Jamison

John Sabine and Jamison Webb

JOHN SABINE (@jsabine214) and JAMISON “JT” WEBB (@jamisonwebb) road trip to the PopFury Podcast! The talk about getting burgled at XSport, John’s recent passing, Jamison’s retracted “rebranding effort” in high school, and possible names for their kids.


0:00 Intro

0:55 Jamison recently celebrated his 31st birthday. Folks have never appraised him as his actual age.

3:45 Both JT and John have had their lockers was robbed at XSport. They recount their trials and tribulations getting new IDs. 

15:45 Sammy and John celebrate Jamo’s 7-month wedding anniversary and wonder how the new marriage is going.

“It was a war of attrition on both our parts. And we finally were just like, ‘Hey, I think we really like each other.’”

18:15 John loves online dating. Both John and J-Webb describe how they met their current significant others.

23:00 Sammy informs John Sabine that he passed away in 1997 and his body was only recently discovered.

“To be fair, ‘Mystery Skeleton’ is so apropos for describing a current living me…”

27:45 Fisher Price is offering a $150 exercise bike with a tablet holder for toddlers.

30:45 John and Jay brainstorm potential kid names for their future progeny. Jay shares his retracted high school rebranding effort and recalls a “personality rebrand”

39:10 A teen (over)dressed up to meet his newborn niece. John and the Webbster describe their own overdressed forays.

“I remember during a middle-school dance moshing to ‘Pretty Fly For A White Guy’…I mean god…”

44:25 Outro, during which JamJam Webbz forces in just one more story

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