163: Michaela & Mallory

Michaela Petro and Mallory Nees

MICHAELA PETRO (website) and MALLORY NEES (@The_Mal_Gallery) bring both kindness and vulgarity to PopFury…but mostly vulgarity! We talk about the status of their 2016 resolutions, Mallory’s freak strength, Profiles theater, Scrotox, and wonder why people just can’t be kind to each other.  


0:00 Intro

1:00 Sammy holds Mallory and Michaela accountable for the New Year resolutions they made on the show back in January (excerpt below). Mallory has 1 win, 1 loss and 1 push. Sammy asks about the ladies’ experiences at the gym. 

“I can’t do a pull up…but I know for a fact that I can pick a car up and spin it on my finger like a basketball.”

8:20 A girl saved her father by lifting a burning truck off him, driving it away, evacuating the family from the house, calling 911 AND using a hose to contain a fire.

11:20 Michaela sails over the low bar of a New Year’s resolution she set for herself. Sammy tries to compare Girls Gone Wild to a play that Michaela will be partially nude in–until she sets him straight.

“Can’t you act like your boobs are out?”

16:10 Mallory and Michaela discuss the shuttering of Profiles Theater and the controversy surrounding the misogyny and abuse committed by those in charge

20:00 Botox in your balls AKA Scrotox AKA Ball Ironing is a thing now.

23:55 Mallory will be attending the 2017 NAMM Show…it’s her first business trip!

27:00 Michaela is deliriously happy she got a residual check. She is in rehearsal for Cymbaline. Mallory helps break down what makes a bad director and offers “good” advice for actors.

“I know that 2016 has been a rough fucking year but does it mean we have to treat each other like shit especially around the holidays?!?!”

33:25 Michaela goes on a tirade about the lack of manners. Sammy treated a barista like a human. Mallory was a superhero who saved a baby and yelled at a person. Sammy is concerned about Mallory confronting people

42:40 Sammy recalls Michaela’s vulgar phone tirades at work.

47:00 Mallory is trying to do 46 days of good deeds to make the world a better place.

“I’m using social media in a way that I wished that everybody would–which is to make people think or make people smile.”

54:10 Sammy asks for the Michaela’s and Mallory’s 2017 resolutions since their 2016 resolutions were such a shit show.

56:00 Outro, during which Michaela blows her plugs and Mallory reveals the real reason she is on Twitter

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