161: Rob & Laura

Rob Grabowski and Laura Marsh

ROB GRABOWSKI and LAURA MARSH board the S.S. PopFury and set sail for silliness! We discuss performing on cruise ships, the ship life, bad auditions and Laura’s newest obsession with animal noises!


0:00 Intro

1:10 Rob is leaving Chicago to perform for Second City on a cruise ship for 4 ½ months!

4:05 After college, Laura worked on a cruise ship for Disney. SAMMY HAS ALL THE QUESTIONS!

“It is very similar to being wrapped up in a carpet and doing aerobics in the sunshine.”

10:40 Laura recalls her Disney audition.

14:10 Rob and Laura discuss the ins and outs of ship life.

21:40 Sammy wonders if Rob is a sell-out. Rob thinks Laura is a furry.

“Actors are horrible people.”

24:00 We commiserate over bad auditions and learn from Laura’s mistakes. Rob once auditioned for a talking air conditioner. Sammy learns what their “types” are.

41:00 Laura’s favorite new thing is teaching animal noises to her nephew. Sammy wonders what Laura and Rob would want their children to learn from them.

48:00 Outro, where Rob continually corrects Laura on her plugs and discover Laura admits she let her website expire.

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