160: Caroline & Laura

Caroline Nash and Laura Marsh

CAROLINE NASH and LAURA MARSH celebrate the return of PopFury by relentlessly plugging their sketch show! We chat about Laura’s (lack of) crafting skills, Christmas commercials that make us cry, online dating, regrettable purchases and explain to Laura what a ‘facial’ is.

This is coincidentally the one-year anniversary of the first time this hilarious duo debuted on PopFury. You can listen to the that episode HERE.


0:00 Intro

1:05 The heartless Laura and Caroline didn’t care that the podcast was coming back, only that it aired before their sketch show performance.

5:10 They will be performing their sketch show Spectacular! Spectacular! At Sketchfest in January.

8:15 Laura is big into cross-stitch even though she’s not good at it.

“How badass would it be to blow some glass?! Y’know what I’m saying?!”

14:00 Caroline is brought to tears by a polish Christmas commercial and a Frankenstein Christmas commercial.  Laura is touched by the classic Folger’s Christmas commercial… which Sammy immediately ruins by describing the parody commercial.

17:50 Laura is not handling winter well. Caroline is escaping to New Orleans in January to celebrate her trip-a-versary. Sammy wonders how well Caroline and her boyfriend travel together.

24:40 We share our first celebrity crushes.

26:30 Laura describes the disasters of online dating.

“Laura does not Christmas shop–she Christmas crafts.”

34:05 Caroline recounts how she met her boyfriend and determining their anniversary date. Neither has finished their Christmas shopping.

41:30 Nordstrom’s $85 leather-wrapped stone has sold out. We remember purchases we regret.

46:15 United Airlines will start charging for carry-on overhead bin bags. The ladies share their guilty-pleasure vacation treats to themselves. Caroline and Sammy have to explain what facials are to Laura.

“I thought that was just called a ‘jizz-in-the-face’”

51:15 A Facebook invitation to quinceanera was shared publicly and 1.2 million accepted. Sammy is stunned when he learns of Caroline’s high school boyfriend was 4 years older than her.

58:55 Outro

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