159: The End

PopFury The End

PopFury host Sammy Tamimi and favorite guest Daniel Strauss tackle reader questions on the final PopFury podcast.

As always, thanks for listening.


0:00 Last INTRO ever

1:35 This is the last episode of PopFury. Sammy shares his download numbers. The most downloaded episode was the Steve Harvey episode with 2,343 downloads. The least downloaded episode had 33 downloads. Daniel “treats” Sammy with a Billy Corgin impression.

PopFury Downloads

9:00 Daniel wonders why he’s here if none of the listener questions are for him

9:35 Listener Samuel Tyler asks why the show is ending.

11:15 DJ ENRG Erica Reid and actor Rebecca Hanson hope the show is ending for bigger and better reasons. Daniel did a podcast for, like, 10 minutes.

14:30 Talking Games co-host Kellen Terrett pitches a new podcast featuring Sammy.

16:20 Author and comedian Claire Linic wonders if it was something she said.

17:50 Ryan Ben, “owner” of the PopFury Podcast, asks what would Sammy’s ideal podcast be and if he’s grown closer with anyone. 

22:20 Mary Beth Smith, host of the MBSing podcast, wants to know Sammy’s thoughts on producing a podcast.

24:45 L.A. improvisor John Anderson asks what it’s like to do a show in your boxers with him. Sammy uses the old-timey term, “toke up”

26:20 Remake Podcast host Rob Grabowski inquires what podcast would Sammy want to be on.

27:30 L.A. transplant Tim de la Motte thinks some guests were characters.  Sammy plugs Auphonic.

29:55 L.A. actor Lisa Linke asks if Sammy would do anything differently. Daniel plugs geocities.com/pcastfury

31:40 Tim Dunn, co-host of Talking Games, requests a preemptive review of Daredevil Season Three. Daniel delivers…and ruins it with a two-year old callback from the first episode.

37:35 Soon-to-be-L.A. improvisor Rich Sohn thinks he would have been a guest if the show had continued.

40:30 Alan Linic, coincidentally a co-author with his wife Claire Linic, wonders if Sammy has any advice for new podcasters. (Alan, here’s a link with longer answers from a Reddit thread.)  Daniel quotes Kid Rock.

42:50 CHIRP radio DJ Bobby Evers wonders if he’s the reason the show is ending.

43:25 Retiring Chicago improvisor Matt DiMarco asks about the Trump campaign possibly ending reality TV.

46:45 L.A. improvisor Molly Wilbanks Anderson, recently married improvisor Andy Junk, and Josiah Jenkins former host of the Remake Podcast do a bit.

48:00 Ashley Nicole Black, writer for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, wants to know if Sammy will marry her. Sammy gives her a brutally honest answer.

52:35 Please listen to our podcast friends at Rabbit Hole, Remake, An Hour with your Ex, Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling, MBSing, Pilot Co-Pilots, Scareblast, Space Lincoln & Talking Games. Sammy thanks listeners Adam Marier and Stephen Garvey.

55:00 The final outro

57:10 The PopFury theme song, Julandrew’s “Get Back In Line” in full. There is no post-credits scene. Or is there?


I accidentally skipped a reader question during the episode, so here it is online:

Q: Stand up comedian and writer Stephanie Weber, improvisor and podcaster Mel Evans, and Kyna Lenhof, co-host of comedy live-lit variety showcase This One Woman, all want to know: What is your next project?

A: Honestly, while I have a few projects percolating in my noggin, I’m just gonna take it easy for a few months, do a few little low key improv shows and basically recharge my creative batteries. Whatever my next project is, I want to do it right and taking a break and just chilling out until I get that uncontrollable urge to create and produce again. I’m not sitting back and waiting for inspiration, I’m taking a step back until I have the wherewithal to properly follow through on previous inspirations.

As always, thanks for listening.