158: Kellen & Ryan (& Annette & Cythia)

Kellen Terrett and Ryan Ben and Annette Lesak and Cynthia Bangert

KELLEN TERRETT and RYAN BEN talk so much about their lovely ladies, it might as well have been a 5-person podcast! They talk about living with their ladies, globetrotting with their better halves and even training with their significant others. Along the way we also talk about teaching kids to swim, flying cockroaches, creepy clowns and the softer side of ISIS.

Also, thanks to Ryan’s generous promise, Ryan and PopFury will be donating $120 to charity of Sammy’s choice.

Finally, Sammy springs on Kellen and Ryan that this is the second-to-last episode of PopFury. The final episode will be the next one with Daniel Strauss.

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