157: Diane & Carolyn

Diane Teng and Carolyn Sinon

Olympic Dream Team DIANE TENG (website) and CAROLYN SINON pair up for PopFury Gold! They tell the tale of the too-tall shirtless banker, clarify why women need so many underwear, explain what makes underwear look good on men, worry about the dangerous “Justin Beaver” and are turned off by BBC’s new show, Naked Attraction.


0:00 Intro

0:30 Carolyn and Diane are single (again). Diane shares the tale of her date of the too-tall shirtless financial banker. Carolyn has returned to state of dating maritime law.

12:45 They both are struggling with their finances. Diane researched how to negotiate her salary at a new job.

16:30 Carolyn explains the concept of the Capsule Wardrobe. Sammy is absolutely confounded by the number of underwear Diane and Carolyn own. They explain how they judge male underwear.

26:35 Bees are invading Carolyn’s home.

30:10 A beaver named “Justin Beaver” has been attacking people in Canada. Carolyn was once attacked by a raccoon in Chicago while riding her bike.

34:40 Olympic athletes have been warned that the competition waters are contaminated with human waste and pathogens. Diane hasn’t really trained for her upcoming triathlon.

40:45 BBC’s show, Naked Attraction, drew numerous complaints due to nudity.

45:00 Carolyn will be visiting Iceland and Ireland soon. The ladies extol the virtues of “emergency granola bars”

52:10 Outro

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