156: Michaela & Mallory

Michaela Petro and Mallory Nees

MICHAELA PETRO and MALLORY NEES sweat through a hot, hot, hot episode of PopFury! They talk about animal attacks, Mallory’s failing body, Tom Hiddleston, onstage nudity and the most romantic things they’ve done for a significant other!


0:00 Intro

1:00 Mallory is too cheap to use air conditioning. Michaela is too worried about Beijing to use air conditioning.

“Gurl…I wanna knock the bottom out of that.”

4:20 They share the best and worst sex line a guy has tried to use on them.

6:30 A lemur attacked a child in Colorado. Mallory has had her own run-ins with a pigeon and mouse recently.

14:45 Mallory is an old lady who brings baked goods in for her coworkers and has a body that’s falling apart.

20:45 Michaela is upset Tom Hiddleston is dating America’s Sweetheart, Taylor Swift

23:35 Tinder now has a group date option.

“Sammy always keeps his bra on!”

25:30 Michaela’s theater is currently itinerant. We discuss onstage nudity.

30:30 The Playboy model who posted a naked gym patron online has a retained a lawyer to deal with the fallout.

33:10 Mallory tied for the lead in her Bachelorette league. The ladies share the most romantic thing they’ve done or had done for them.

42:15 Outro

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