155: Dan Jessup

Dan Jessup

DAN JESSUP and his freedom beard liberate the PopFury Podcast! Dan chats about his travels in South America, leaving the corporate world to focus on the creative arts, the awesome projects his friends are doing and Microsoft’s “cool” e-mail to interns.

This episode’s music is provided by Laurie Jane and the 45s.


0:00 “Talking” by Laurie Jane and the 45s

1:00 Dan is sporting a “freedom beard.” He took a leave of absence from Groupon and traveled South America for 6 weeks.

6:05 “The Leaving” by Laurie Jane and the 45s

6:50 He left Groupon and is focusing on his creative career for now.

12:00 “Voodoo Charm” by Laurie Jane and the 45s

12:30 Dan apparently only consumes media produced by friends and family…like his sister’s blues album, “Laurie Jane and the 45s“; his childhood friend’s book “Your Favorite Band is Killing Meor his comedy pal’s stand up album “For Amusement Only” 

21:45 “One Less Lonely Night” by Laurie Jane and the 45s

22:05 Sammy thinks Dan’s friends recommended the book “What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding” so Dan would hook up on vacations 

26:55 Dan ruminates on being more calculated person in the creative arts, returning to performing, and voice work he’s done.

31:50 Sammy learns about EQ vs IQ in the workplace.

35:35 “Buck” by Laurie Jane and the 45s

36:20 Microsoft sent a “cool” email to its interns. Sammy uses a very contemporary “cool” reference un-ironically.

41:15 Outro, “Don’t Put No Headstone On My Grave” by Laurie Jane and the 45s

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