153: Tim de la Motte

Tim de la Motte

TIM DE LA MOTTE returns for one last go ’round before moving to the city of pretty, Los Angeles. We talk about his move, having roommates as a 30-year-old, making new friends, Ready Player One, comfort food and, naturally, woods porn.


0:00 Intro

“The way I do things is I pile everything up at the top of a mountain until the top of the mountain can’t hold it anymore and then everything falls down on me.”

1:00 Tim finally has a set date for moving to L.A. As “mature” men, we have strong feelings about having roommates again. Tim has a romantic ideal of what living in California will be like. He breaks down the process of saying goodbye, packing for the move away and making new friends. Sammy wonders if he’d be embarrassed to come back if it doesn’t work out.

28:40 Please listen to our podcast pals at Rabbit Hole and Remake.

“It’s like the guys of Saved by the Bell were given the task of writing a book about nerd-dom. It’s so friggin’ bad!”

30:40  Tim hates, Hates, HATES READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline

37:35 Tim describes his perfect bar.

41:40 Burger King will be offering deep fried Mac N’ Cheese sticks encrusted in Cheetos.

“My entire diet is comfort food”

45:30 The AspireAssist Device is pump and hose combo that drains food directly from your stomach after eating. Tim, apparently, will be liked by ladies in LA.

52:35 Men are less likely to use a condom the more beautiful their partner is. Tim buys condoms on the internet and is too uncomfortable to into a sex shop.

58:40 A elementary school graduation DVD accidentally had porn on it. We both first saw nudity from found “woods porn”

1:04:00 Tim gives parting advice to performers in Chicago.

1:05:00 Outro

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