152: Abby & Phoebe

Abby Wiscomb and Phoebe Perry

ABBY WISCOMB and PHOEBE PERRY bring bowl cuts and flip phones to the PopFury Podcast! They talk about their new digs, long distance relationships, old blogs Sammy found, things they got in trouble for and Abby’s issues with Siri.


0:00 Intro

1:00  Both Abby and Phoebe have moved into new places. Abby likes to be alone and Phoebe lives with 3 other people that she’s never really talked to.

“We were also like, ‘Let’s be in an open relationship’ — but we were 21 and didn’t know what that meant.”

4:00  Phoebe has been dating her boyfriend for 3 years, most of which was long distance. Abby is both a relationship and party ghoster.

8:15 Everybody thinks Abby is Jewish. 

“Just because I’m not Jewish doesn’t mean I can’t be Jew-ish.”

11:15 Sammy found Abby’s old blog, Letters to Me, which offered advice to to her past self. 

15:00 Phoebe was once featured in her (very small) college’s fashion blog.   Abby’s hair doesn’t grow.

“This is all a humble brag. I remember writing this and being like, ‘Oh, I’m so cool.’”

19:15 The ladies reflect on their college years. Abby belonged to an ”upper-middle tier sorority” and got in trouble once.

24:10 An 11-year-old daughter threatened to kill her mother with a butcher knife over being grounded. Phoebe got a butt (B-U-T-T) in the yearbook.

26:20 Abby can’t lie. Phoebe lies all the time. Abby grills Phoebe about her dates with Ian.

“No matter how hard I try, Siri will always be a better girl than me.”

33:30 Abby has personal issues with iPhone’s Siri. She also thinks her search history is psychopathic.

35:50 Google thanked a polite older woman for using their service. Sammy found a video of Abby as a kid recreating a commercial.

40:15 Abby and Phoebe talk about their performance goals. Abby wants to be famous…but not really.

47:30 Outro
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