151: The GOAT #1 with Ryan Dolan

(Programming Note: Ryan Dolan wanted not only to guest on PopFury but to interview Sammy as well. In the spirit of Yes And, Sammy turned the entire podcast over to Ryan to do with as he wished…)



The Greatest of All Time Podcast Host, RYAN DOLAN, interviews the Greatest of All Time Guest, SAMMY TAMIMI, on the Greatest of All Time Podcast, The GOAT Show!


“Sammy, why did you waste your life on improv?”

“We are the tellers of secrets. So you told no secrets, is that why your life is a failure?”

“Anyway, so back to your failure of an improv life…”

“We’ll get to your career trajectory here in a little bit and see if you have a future or if maybe you need to move to a small town in Utah…”

“If you’re not self-loathing and wondering about your existential place in this world…I don’t think you have the depth to be an artist.”

“It’s a great book, it’ll make you feel better about yourself reading about all these people who committed suicide.”

“So when was the first time you were thrown off a team at iO?”

“A lot of big fat guys have succeeded in improv. What happened?”

“You have done 150 of these podcasts. Why PopFury, why pop culture and why Chicago improvisors? I mean, seriously…”


Ryan Dolan
Greatest of All Time Hosts, Ryan Dolan

Full quote from Ray Carney, a Boston University film teacher, in an article in MOVIEMAKER magazine called “The Path of the Artist.” He wrote:

“Never forget that to be an artist, above everything else, to be a truth-teller, one of the few left in a culture seized in a death grip by media-induced fictions and journalistic clichés. You speak secrets no one else dares to whisper. You exist to share your most private feelings and personal observations with others. They are where truth lies. Don’t be afraid of being too personal, too private. Your most secret fears, your private doubts and uncertainties are everyone’s … My teachers told me that filmmaking was about telling gripping stories. It took me years to realize that that’s not an ambitious enough goal. You can do much more than that. You can give viewers new eyes and ears. You can change their states of awareness so that they see, hear, care, and feel differently. Your work exists to express things too delicate, too fluttering, too multivalent to be said in any other way. You’re doing something much more radical than telling a story. You’re rewiring people’s nervous systems. You’re doing brain surgery. Art gives us more than new facts and ideas; it gives us new powers of perception. … You speak the most subtle language ever created—the language of art—a form of expression more nuanced than verbal language, more complex than a theorem in physics, truer than anything in the newspaper.”


Website for the mercilessly maligned Chicago City Limits in NYC


Second City Detroit
Second City Detroit (Downtown location)


IO Schedule July 2000
iO Harold schedule from July 2000
IO Roster July 2000
iO Harold roster from July 2000…you found out if you made a team or were cut when you got a physical copy of the schedule.


Garbage Hounds poster
A chintzy poster for the Garbage Hounds Harold team

Ryan recommended Kay Redfield Jamison’s book Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament

Archived Second City interview with the improv ensemble KOKO 

Sammy refers to Abby Sher’s book Amen, Amen, Amen: Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Praying (Among Other Things)

Please check the podcasts of Mark Colomb. You can find the archive of Poor Choices Podcasts HERE and his most recent show, An Hour With Your Ex, HERE.

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