150: Daniel Strauss

Daniel Strauss

Second City’s DANIEL STRAUSS (@DanielStrauss) returns for the seventh, and perhaps final, time to the PopFury Podcast. He talks about leaving Second City, moving to Los Angeles, being a Pothole Dummy, commercials he wouldn’t do, the Passion of the Christ sequel and gives some parting advice to Chicago performers!


0:00 Intro, with a recap of Daniel’s previous PopFury appearances

2:05 Daniel is leaving Second City and moving to Los Angeles

7:45 He was the Pothole Dummy. Daniel shares his experiences with ride-along celebs Michelle Williams and Zach Miller. 

13:00 Sammy wonders if Sophie will do commercials.

14:20 Daniel has a Twitter account that explains gifs named, appropriately, @gifsexplained

15:30 Daniel’s pledge breaks for PBS’ Jewish Journey still airs. Sammy brings up his Chef Boyardee gig. Daniel details what commercial gigs he would turn down.

20:40 Mel Gibson is working the sequel to Passion of the Christ 2

“I wish him nothing but the absolute worst. He’s a complete piece of shit…and he can kiss my fat fucking ass.”

23:40 A bar fight started over a fart. Daniel immediately backs down to avoid fights (unlike Chelsea Devantez)

26:50 Police in Jeff Murdoch‘s home town held an 11-hour standoff…with an empty home. Daniel knows he’d be a horrible hostage negotiator.

30:10 A cowboy roped a bike thief. Daniel explains the considerations when moving with a kid. He slings unfounded allegations that this is his last PopFury podcast.

“Having a kid is the best thing I’ve ever did”

34:00 Daniel shares his parting advice for performers. Sammy decides the little-seen show SPLIT is what got Daniel into Second City.


36:40 Outro

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