149: Lisa Burton

Lisa Burton

LISA BURTON (@LisaBurton) brings her head shot and resume to her PopFury callback as we talk about getting engaged, getting engaged again, getting engaged yet again, getting married, and getting divorced. We also chatter about a Trump-supporter dating website, Adult Breastfeeding Relationships and dealing with other people’s loud sex.


0:00 Intro

0:40 Lisa has a callback audition for the musical improv ensemble Baby Wants Candy immediately after the podcast. Sammy reads her blog post from her last audition for BWC… from 7 years ago. 

7:45 Sammy found Lisa’s old wedding website. She is an open book about her marriage and divorce.

“We had laughs, we bought coffees, and took a selfie being like, ‘It’s our last day together!’”

11:45 Lisa details the process of getting amicably divorced. She recommends Judge Aunt Renee Goldfarb and 27th floor of the Daley Center for a pleasant divorce.

19:00 She has been engaged 3 times by age 29. A surprised Sammy has so many questions about her previous engagements.

25:30 Lisa’s boyfriend, Tim Dunn, just moved in with her. She explains what you should talk about before moving in together.

“They have to love me…but they don’t have to like me–that’s 100% how families work.”

34:40 Sammy wonders how Lisa’s friends & family will react if she gets engaged again. She gives advice on how to talk to acquaintances about their divorce.

44:20 Please listen to our podcast friends at Rabbit Hole and Talking Games.

45:20 Lisa is very excited about the armor females (don’t) wear in video games, new Trump-supporter dating site and Adult Breastfeeding Relationships

52:55 A man started because his neighbors were having loud sex. Lisa and Sammy have opposite reactions on hearing other people having sex.

58:30 Being upfront about a woman’s divorce may be sexy.

1:00.15 Outro

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