145: Caroline & Laura

Caroline Nash and Laura Marsh

CAROLINE NASH (@cbnash) and LAURA MARSH (@LauraHarshMarsh) are down with O.P.P. …even if they don’t know what it means. We talk about Beyoncé’s concert, Sammy’s concern for Laura, “Pup Play,” the most particular Google questions by state, Soulcycle, Planetary Prom, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the TV show Friends.


0:00 Intro

0:45 Caroline saw Beyoncé in concert this weekend.

“Seeing Beyoncé was like going to church on the most epic scale.”

7:55 Sammy is concerned about Laura and backs it up with Andrew W.K. quotes from her Facebook feed. She shares her thoughts about online dating and Sammy reads choice dating-related tweets from her Twitter. She gives her Tinder photo rules.

18:15 Laura and Caroline air their grievances about going to the gym.

22:35 Caroline ruined Sammy by sending him a documentary about people who dress as dogs. We figure out what role play animals we’d be.

“Florida is like the smelly kid that gets picked on.”

29:15 Sammy reveals the Google questions particular to specific states. They are goddamn ridiculous.

Dumbass Question Map

34:00 Caroline is into the cult of SoulCycle

“I just want to go to the gym and slap some iron down…KA-KLAH! KA-KLAH!”

37:50 Laura attended Planetary Prom at the Adler Planetarium. Here is a video of a drone flying over a scale version of the solar system. 

42:10 Caroline took her boyfriend to see Neil deGrasse Tyson as a belated Christmas gift. Sammy thinks belated gifts are tempting fate.

45:45 Laura explains why her voice is jacked. She is also preparing for a musical based on the the TV show Friends. Laura thinks she’s a Monica, Caroline thinks she’s a Marcel. They share what TV show they’d want to be a stage musical.

53:25 Outro

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