143: Diane & Tim

Diane Teng and Tim de la Motte

DIANE TENG (website) and TIM DE LA MOTTE (@TimDeLaMotte) dish out when they visit PopFury! We talk about Tim’s move to L.A., Diane’s singleness, flip-flop fashion, Google cars, babysitter bank robbers…and a “free” blazer.

While the following segment was cut for time, you can listen to more of Diane and Tim as we debate the greatness of movies from 1993:


0:00 Intro

“You have no idea of the level of procrastinator you’re dealing with.”

0:35 Tim is moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks for work. TO BE CLEAR IT’S A JOB TRANSFER AND NOT FOR ACTING. The time is TBD and his preparation is NIL.

8:30 Tim and Diane doubt a study about how infrequently people wash their sheets.

13:05 Diane is single (again). She is reading the Break Up Bible. Sammy questions her desire to move to New Zealand

“I think everyone’s been in that situation where you think, ‘How are there more tears in my body?’”

23:00 Tim shares his fashion strategy. He can’t stand flip flops in the workplace and is not a fan of shorts.

28:10 Diane and Tim figure out the upper age of being single for them.

35:10 Please listen to our awesome pals at Rabbit Hole and Remake

36:30 Google is looking for people to ride in their self-driving cars. Tim rode in a Tesla for an Uber ride. Diane shames Tim over his lack of bike safety. (trim her her whistle)

“I love being a white man! It’s so easy to be me!”

46:00 Tim tells the story of the “free” blazer he got. Diane has never gotten anything free.

50:10 A babysitter took the children along on a bank robbery. Tim gets wings and muses about a theoretical Avenger bank robbery.

57:30 A man wants to recreate 9/11 to prove or disprove conspiracy theories.

1:04:30 Outro

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