141: Ben & Sarah

Sarah Shockey and Ben Vigeant

BEN VIGEANT (@BVigeant) and SARAH JOY SHOCKEY (@SarahJoyShockey) bring relentless optimism and Martian capitalism to PopFury! They talk about Sarah’s gig as a Resistance Pro Wrestling commentator, Ben’s empire in Off-World Trading Company, calling 911, a Nazi dog, and the creative process when you’re confrontation averse.


0:00 Intro

1:35 Ben and Sarah had two random old people at their last show

3:30 Sarah is a color commentator for Resistance Pro Wrestling. Ben is Scrooge McDuck rich in friends and would commentate pinball if he could.

11:25 Ben is playing Off-World Trading Company, where he is basically a Martian Stock Trader. Sammy and Sarah can’t stop making fun of it.

16:00 The “Free Hug Guy” in Times Square punched a tourist because she didn’t tip him. Ben has been pick-pocketed.

22:10 A Fire Department in Nevada is asking people to stop calling 911 for minor issues. Ben and Sarah share the incidents that caused them to call 911.

29:25 A Scottish man was arrested for a video of his dog giving the Nazi salute.

32:00 Sarah is re-reading Jane Austen. She is relentlessly optimistic.

38:10 Ben and Sarah are very conflict averse in their creative process. They share what they think the  5 universally funny jokes are.

46:45 Outro

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