140: Erin & Tim

Erin Rooney and Tim Chidester

ERIN ROONEY (@ErinRooney) and TIM CHIDESTER (@TheTimChidester) bring finger-lickin’ good comedy to the PopFury Podcast! They talk about their unique living situation, Erin’s hatred of musicals, paranormal TV shows, disposing of their remains, “Game of Bones” and, of course, Boaty McBoatface.


0:00 Intro

0:45 Tim and Erin are a couple that live in the same building…but NOT the same apartment.

“What a great living situation…when you get sick of each other you can go to your own corners.”

3:50 Erin is on a Candy Crush bender and is lethally cruel to her Sims. Tunisian mobile game makers gave away a cow to a player, which totally confuses Erin.

7:40 Erin used to love musicals–now, not so much.  Tim and Sammy present Field of Dreams: The Musical. Erin cannot even with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or Kimmy Schmidt.

11:40 Tim and Erin share the shows they can (and can’t) watch together. They describe the various, and frankly ridiculous, paranormal shows Erin watches. Tim has no concept of when machines were in use.

“She likes horror movies with little to no horror. So, basically, Rom Coms.”

18:20 Sammy wonders if they believe in paranormal activity. Erin does not like horror movies.

22:05 Hamilton set a record with 16 Tony nominations.

26:25 A tow truck driver refused to help a stranded motorist because she was a Bernie Sanders supporter. Tim shares an infuriating experience that happened to his brother.

“People are using their political affiliations to be assholes…across the board.”

34:00 A selfie taker destroyed a historical statue in Portugal.

40:40 Fishermen used the remains of their friend as bait for a record-breaking catch. Erin has inhaled a dead man’s ashes. Erin and Tim share what they’d want done with their remains.

45:40 A man burned down his shed to kill bees.

49:20 PornHub.com says porn use decreases during Game of Thrones episodes and spikes tremendously afterwards. Erin and Tim come up with GoT-inspired porn names.

51:55 KFC has made edible fingernail polish.

“The world would be a much better place if we had a lot of fun-named things!”

55:20 The British government decided to call the ship “RSS David Attenborough” instead of “Boaty McBoatface”

58:40 Outro

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