139: Hope & Bobby

Hope Rehak and Bobby Evers

The hilarious HOPE REHAK (@HopeRehak) and the wet blanket BOBBY EVERS visit PopFury! Hope talks about being a tall lady, Sammy argues ‘Opposites Attract’ and Bobby is a nihilistic wet blanket Hamilton hamboi. We also throw in a hefty amount of Kirk Cameron idiocy and Rom-Com Industrial complex into the mix!

In this cut-for-time segment: Bobby uses movies to explain UK geography, Hope explains Game of Thrones, Sammy guesses what TV show fits Hope’s high school experience


0:00 Intro

0:50 Hope explains the trials and tribulations of being a tall woman. Bobby and Hope break down online dating for Sammy.

“Number one: my boobs are constantly in everyone’s face.”

8:55 Sammy decides Hope’s birthday party is a singles mixer. We argue about the adage of “Opposites attract.” Bobby has some thoughts about open relationships.

17:40 Hope is only paying for movies that pass the Bechdel test. It’s a total bummer.

24:00 Bobby is not buying new books any more.

26:25 Bobby is doing some stupid hipster shit by celebrating the 1-year anniversary of a movie billboard in Logan Square. The billboard is for the Cameron Crowe movie Aloha. What the fuck.

30:00 Listen to our podcast pals Rabbit Hole and Remake!

“I can be incredibly cutting and cruel with my words…but you have to have a demeanor of politeness as a woman so that you don’t get murdered.”

31:30 Kirk Cameron has some marriage advice. Hope sat next to a Mormon on a plane who relentlessly tried to convert her.

38:15 Hope breaks down the false conventions of Rom-Com movies. Bobby rants about the “Rom-Com(plex) conspiracy”

“The Rom-Com(plex) is selling heteronormativity to the culture to perpetuate the species and keep the economy going…”

42:25 Kirk Cameron used his wife as a kissing stand-in on-set. Hope has been on many  mansplained first dates. Bobby got Alpha’d.

47:15 A NYC man got punched for looking like Shia LeBeaof. Bobby saw Hamilton in NYC. Sammy gets incensed at Bobby’s “Hamboi”-ness.

55:35 A boy raised money for his own adoption. Hope and Bobby share the things they learned when they made life changes. RuPaul changed how Hope deals with the world.

“Do you think I just have a magical power by virtue of my vagina? I don’t.”

1:07:00 Outro

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