138: George McAuliffe

George McAuliffe

Dancing man GEORGE MCAULIFFE (@GPMcAuliffe) and his mustache storm the PopFury stage. George talks about his one-man show, Not All Cops Are Bad, getting pulled onstage at a Bruce Springsteen concert, high school hijinks, Senior (citizen) Prom and webcam eagles eating cats.

Video Link: George gets pulled onstage! Jump to 4m55s for the shenanigans!

Referenced Episode Link: Dan Bakkedahl on how his acting attitude changed.


0:00 Intro

1:15 George talks about the transition from Chicago to LA

4:00 He is in town performing his one-man show Not All Cops Are Bad. Sammy worries cops will put George on a Police Shit List and is very intrigued by George’s mustache.

“There is a bizarre population of women who seem to be attracted to men with mustaches.”

13:30 George got pulled onstage at a Bruce Springsteen concert thanks to his sign. He breaks down this amazing experience.

27:30 Please listen to our podcast friends at Rabbit Hole and Remake!

28:45 Wisconsin police are looking to fine parents of bullies. George was a gentle giant. George remembers the big kid fighting back against a little bully video.

34:00 An eagle nest webcam showed a cat being fed to baby eagles. We recall incidents that blew back on us. George recalls a senior prank that he got in trouble for.

“It’s all great and all tragic at the same time.”

42:30 A nursing home had a “senior” prom for its elderly citizens. George didn’t go to this prom out of stubbornness…but he went to the parties afterwards.

49:45 George reflects on his time in Chicago. At one point, he was a “chucklepig”

“I think to be really good at something you have to be obsessive about it…”

54:45 Outro

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