137: Kyna & Cynthia

Kyna Lenhof and Cynthia Shur Petts

KYNA LENHOF (@KJintheCity) and CYNTHIA SHUR PETTS (@CynShurPetts) tap dance their way into Penthouse Studio 4W and toot their own (French) horns! They talk about their new show, This One Woman, re-pierced ears, Mackinac Island, a nude restaurant, Chris Hemsworth’s wallet and Kyna’s “seduction” technique!


0:00 Intro

1:00 Cynthia and Kyna are the producers and the hosts of This One Woman, a one-woman show performed by multiple people. Their first subject is Laura Ingalls Wilder.

“And this was mostly in the 80s–so most of my earrings were fluorescent and looked like sunglasses.”

8:45 Cynthia has recently re-pierced her ears. We decide if we prefer direct or circumspect people. They both like people watching in doctors’ offices.

19:24 Kyna is running a half-marathon.

22:30 Cynthia wishes she had musical instrument skills. Kyna toots her own (French) horn about her band days.

29:10 Cynthia is going to Mackinac Island.

33:25 Please listen to our Friends at Rabbit Hole and Remake!

“Even in my own house I don’t eat naked!”

34:40 A London restaurant will be clothing optional.

39:05 A nude Hercules statue will have a detachable penis to deter ding-dong thieves.

41:30 Chris Hemsworth’s wallet was returned to him by a Boy Scout. Cynthia and Kyna share good deeds done to them.

46:25 Even children are absorbing the political culture of the elections. We discuss the contentious divide among our own friends. Cynthia endorses a judge over Sammy’s protests.

52:00 Cynthia is on a non-fiction book kick. Kyna shows her “seduction” technique.

1:00:25 Outro

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