135: John & Jamison

John Sabine and Jamison Webb AKA Juice and Daddy AKA Angles and the Professor

Second City’s JOHN “ANGLES” SABINE and JAMISON “THE PROFESSOR” WEBB liven up your morning commute with their wacky radio antics! They talk Kobe Bryant, nicknames, their morning radio shows, a porn site banning North Carolina users and the Hanna Barbera cinematic universe!


0:00 Intro

1:00 Jamison’s tangential joke turns into a discussion of today’s charged political climate.

“I think the thing missing in the rhetoric, and this is on both sides, is nuance. We’ve forgotten that life demands grays…and we’re living in blacks and whites and I think that’s dangerous.”

5:00 ESPN accidentally labeled Jamison the stage manager at Second City. They recall venues they’ve performed at.

9:40 A car alarm went off for hours in Jamison’s neighborhood. Jamsion gives Alan Arkin impression tips.

13:30 It’s showcase season in Chicago.

15:30 Thank you, Kobe. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, Kobe.

“Michael who? Thank you, Kobe!”

20:45 Jamison and John’s nicknames lead to the “Daddy & Juice” morning zoo show and NPR’s newest kids show “Professor & Angles” 

25:00 John is reading a book about high schoolers jumping to the NBA. They ponder what they would have been professionally recruited for while in high school.

31:35 Please listen to our podcast friends at Rabbit Hole and the Remake!

33:45 A fan fought 47-year-old former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr for a chance at $100,000. Jamison and John figure out who they could beat head-to-head. Jamison presents “Cop who watches too much Seinfeld”

“Sammy, I love PopFury…but I’m going to pretend I’m on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!”

38:45 Ticketmaster will start selling tix on Facebook.

41:40 Pornsite X-Hamster is denying North Carolina users access to their site in response to the new LGBT law.

45:00 Taxpayers in 34 states can pay their taxes at 7-11.

47:55 Prepare yourselves for the Hanna Barbera Cinematic Universe. Jamison and Sabine cast a modern day gritty Scooby Doo reboot.

52:30 A dentist pulled all of a man’s teeth…without him knowing. Jamison debuts “Flatline Bling”

57:00 Outro, presented by Jamison and John’s morning DJs

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