134: Miguel & Rich

Miguel Lepe Jr and Rich Alfonso

MIGUEL LEPE JR (miguellepe.com) and RICH ALFONSO (@rich_alfonso) grab brews and turn on the hot water when they visit PopFury! They talk about shower beers, break ups, Second City’s Bob Curry Fellowship, bee sting beauty therapy, eyebrow threading, Shakira and  Sade!


0:00 Intro, where Sammy absolutely flubs Miguel’s intro

1:45 Miguel is balancing marriage, a sassy 1-year old daughter and the comedy hustle. Rich breaks down shower beers.

“Women. I don’t get ‘em…and neither does Nic Cage.”

6:40 Rich is a dapper, perpetual bachelor. We share our break up techniques.

12:30 Both Rich and Miguel are graduates of the Bob Curry Fellowship program at Second City. They share their experiences and why they feel it is an important program.

21:00 A singer died after being bitten by a cobra onstage. Miguel and Rich ponder what their own embarrassing deaths would be.

“It just honestly depends on my mood: do I want wax on my forehead or do I want a lady’s lips close to my head?”

27:25 Gwyneth Paltrow is receiving bee sting beauty therapy. Miguel has gotten his eyebrows threaded. Rich’s cousin is big into his looks and Snapchatting his life.

35:40 A Congressman claims his son misused his campaign funds to buy Steam games. Rich is former smoker and vaper.

41:45 Samsung has patented smart contacts. We ponder technology that lets us relive memories and remember our first female pop star crushes such as Shakira and Sade.

“I’m gonna Scorsese the shit out of my sex scenes. That’s what I would do.”

49:45 A homemade rocket-skateboard blew up and killed a high school student. Miguel and Rich remember their own stupid high school antics.

58:40 Outro, with Rich’s promise of yearly buttsnaps

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