129: John Thibodeaux

John Thibodeaux

JOHN THIBODEAUX (@john_thibodeaux) brings the maths and the musics to Penthouse Studio 4W! John talks about (briefly) being an engineer, his music project, the freakshow of politics, Game of Thrones and how the “comedy sausage” is made!


0:00 Intro

0:40 John is rocking an old school Padres cap. Sammy is shocked to learn John was an engineer.

3:35 He will be visiting Colombia in April.

“Humor for me growing up was always like a–I don’t want to say defense mechanism–but like an infiltration mechanism…”

6:55 Sammy quizzes John about what his life plans and goals were at various ages in his life and about the freezing desert epiphany that led to his comedy career.

18:25 John has a musical project inspired by Kathryn Casey’s true crime novel Deliver Us. We both like sad things because we’re involved in comedy.

25:00 Police are warning of roving trio of men challenging people to rap battles. John shares what he would and would not challenge other people to do.

“I think if Hamilton has taught us anything it’s that real progress occurs when you rap it out.”

30:10 The character of Hulk Hogan has a larger penis than the person playing him. Speaking of racists, hey, politics! We delve into the interesting, scary mess that is the 2016 election. John recalls his college years.

39:40 We are looking forward to the new season of Game of Thrones. John shares the shows he and his girlfriend can and can’t watch together.

“If I really love something, the way that I show my appreciation for it is to learn how to create it.”

47:35 Talking technology leads us into how the comedy sausage is made.

53:00 Outro, during which John recounts ThreePeat’s special award show attire.

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