125: Daniel Strauss

Daniel Strauss

Second City’s DANIEL STRAUSS (@danielstrauss) returns to Penthouse Studio 4W for his sixth episode of PopFury! Old Man Strauss yells and shakes his fist at the metaphorical clouds of Netflix & Chill, Damn Daniel, selfie deaths, RPX theaters, Tennessee’s official state gun and the Oscars!


0:00 Intro

“Everything has to be a like a world-wide global viral HuffPo article thing!”

1:20 Sammy is confused by a Spotify ad. Daniel is very upset at the whole Netflix and Chill & “Damn Daniel” memes.

7:35 Daniel is frustrated by selfie deaths and the new Facebook reactions.

14:05 Morgan Freeman’s voice will guide you via GPS

“You don’t get enough time on Earth to spend it watching these movies!”

16:05 Three Transformers movies are coming out, including a Bumblebee solo movie. Daniel rails against RPX theaters.

20:25 Daniel thought Hail, Caesar! was just FINE.

22:45 He is digging the People vs OJ Simpson and casts a theoretical TV series about the Florida Election Recount of 2000.

26:50 Tennessee now has an official state gun. Daniel gets the suggestion of Donald Trump constantly at Second City.

32:00 Please listen to our friends at Rabbit Hole & Remake!

“We’re gonna get everybody in the room and pick who did Art the best? It goes against the entire spirit of why we do this work!”

33:30 Daniel, who has not seen any nominated movies, shares his Oscar predictions. 

42:55 Outro

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