123: Kat & Tim

Kat Gotsick and Tim Chidester

KAT GOTSICK and TIM CHIDESTER pull out their canes when we stroll down the memory lane of gosh-darned torknology like  VCRs, CDs & cassettes. We also talk about Kat’s apartment fire, Whole Foods marketing to millenials and the Super Bowl half time show.


0:00 Intro

“Welcome to Sammy Tamimi’s old timey podcast: TALKING ‘BOUT TORKNOLOGY

1:10 Kat thinks I record on tape. Kat and Tim rave about Heat Vision and Jack and Lookwell. We fondly recall the days of VHS, CDs and cassingles.

8:55 Samsung is warning customers not to say personal information around their Smart TVs.

14:10 Sammy reveals a classic VHS tape he found in his building’s basement.

“Actually, in retrospect, I was pretty stupid–it was a big fire.”

19:00 Kat Gotsick shares the story of her apartment fire and her current housing status.

34:30 The Wrigleyville McDonald’s is closing.

38:35 Whole Foods is trying to appeal to millenials.

“I need a quarter pound of basil…and a tramp stamp.”

42:20 Sammy was confused by Coldplay’s inclusion in the Super Bowl Halftime show. Kat and Tim fantasy book their ideal halftime shows.

51:15 We fantasize about our own Peyton Manning-like final career performances.

53:45 Outro

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