122: Claire & Alan

Claire Linic and Alan Linic

CLAIRE LINIC and ALAN LINIC, AKA Gossip Queen & Ross Geller, visit PopFury to chat about Titanic II, moving if Trump wins, their upcoming book, Friends and the Deadpool movie!


0:00 Intro

0:40 Sammy learns the true pronunciation of “Linic”

1:45 Claire tries to explain the Blac Chyna – Wiz – Kanye – Kim Kardashian – Amber Rose. We delve into the etiquette and worth of gossip.

9:35 To Alan’s dismay, TITANIC II is set to launch in 2018.

13:45 They will move to Canada if Trump wins. They are totally serious you guys.

18:30 Claire is co-author of “The Awkward Phase” which released this past week. Claire & Alan co-wrote a book, “Our Perfect Marriage”, and recount its origins…as well reveal their feelings about CREED and Alan’s intrusions on Claire’s daydream bubbles.

28:45 Alan is watching Friends for the first time. Claire thinks Alan is a Ross.

32:50 They are both excited for the new Deadpool movie, an R-rated superhero movie. Alan needs reminding about when Valentine’s Day is.

40:20 Outro

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