120: Diane & Amber

Diane Teng and Amber Robinson

DIANE TENG and AMBER ROBINSON sing-talk their way through Diane’s Colombia trip, animal friendships, sexy foods, the sexism of Grease and Playgirl’s list of alternative terms for “penis”!

(While the following segment was cut for time, you can listen to more of Amber and Diane talking about Taco class, college & finances by clicking HERE)


0:00 Intro

0:40 Amber is DJing for Dance Dance Party Party, a female-only dance party, as DJ Raps Putin. Diane is eating whatever she wants right now.

“I have –and I say this very loosey goosey– Steve Harvey to thank for this.”

3:55 Diane is going to Colombia. Sammy is confused by Amber’s bedroom talk euphemisms.

10:40 A tiger and goat friendship has ended in a fight. Diane stuns Sammy and Amber with the news of tiger pics on Tinder. Diane discloses the sexiest food choices.

19:50 Police broke into a home of a man singing opera.  Diane doesn’t care for live TV musicals. Amber debunks the sexism in the beloved canon of your adolescent years: GREASE edition.

“Belly Buster? Why’s it’s going anywhere near a belly?”

28:50 Sammy attempts to read the Playgirl style guide for alternative terms for penis. We have a real mature discussion on terms for genitalia.

39:30 Diane thinks we should take a moment every day to reflect. We grade and rate our lives.

48:35 Outro, during which Amber plugs the saddest play ever and Diane pitches her Soup Show

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