119: Katharine & Jameson

Jameson Wentworth and Katharine Cikanek

JAMESON WENTWORTH (no APP) and KATHARINE CIKANEK (no romance) are full of secrets and lies when they visit PopFury! They talk about marriage, Facebook’s impending “reaction” button, oil pulling, Joseph Fiennes new role as Michael Jackson and Barbie’s new bodies!


0:00 Intro

0:40 Sammy is confused by Jameson’s lack of a last name

“People don’t think you’re done talking when you tell them your last name is ‘App'”

2:55 Jameson and Katharine had a secret engagement. Ever the romantic, Katharine rails against the traditions of marriage.

8:55 Facebook is introducing “reactions” to the Like button. This drives Jameson insane.

14:00 They are planning on buying a condo. Jameson gets “the weirds” from the 70s aesthetic.

22:50 Matthew Perry doesn’t remember filming 3 seasons of Friends. We verbally manifest his Devil’s Bargain.

26:05 Jameson is preparing for a one-man show. Sammy must know more about Jameson’s beard, which his mom hates.

“Every time you tell a story, I’m so glad we didn’t meet in college.”

33:20 Binny’s is offering 1 hour delivery of alcohol.

36:55 Jameson experimented with oil-pulling. Sammy asks ALL the stupid questions about that. Jameson and Katharine bought a Vitamix.

45:20 Joseph Fiennes will portraying Michael Jackson in a BBC movie. Say whaaaaaaaaaa…

“Well, if I’ve learned anything from watching Entourage…”

52:15 Mattel has release new body shapes for Barbie: Tall, Curvy and Petite

57:55 Outro

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