118: Michaela & Mallory

Michaela Petro and Mallory Nees

MICHAELA PETRO and MALLORY NEES ascend the steps to Penthouse Studio 4W to profess their love of cheese and adoration of Idris Elba! They also patent Fauxoyote Fur ™, get disgusted by Tinder Snowmances and Mallory shares a very creepy story….


0:00 Michaela immediately distracts Sammy during the intro

1:05 Michaela is acting in a short film, Limerance. Sammy is intrigued that Mallory and Michaela get hit on by other ladies.

“If I spend $800 on a Canada Goose jacket…I’m gonna wear that down the aisle.”

7:00 Cheese thieves struck twice in Wisconsin. Canada Goose jackets are theft targets; Mallory has ethical issues with how they’re made. We delve into past fashion choices they’ve made.

20:00 Michaela is reading the Dark Tower series; Idris Elba will be playing the lead in the  adaptation. We discuss the Oscars So White controversy, Chris Rock’s rewritten monologue and the Academy’s changes to their voting policies. Michaela & Mallory are Jeff-recommended actors.

32:00 Mallory is losing her in Bachelor Fantasy League. Also, there is a Bachelor Fantasy League. Sammy adores the Great British Bake Off.

“Once a woman’s been all up inside my mouth I’m done with her.”

39:00 Please listen to our friends at Rabbit Hole and Remake!

40:30 Tinder has agreed to include a link to preventing and testing for STDs. Ahead of last weekend’s snowstorm, people were advertising for snowmances and storm hookups.

“They’re missing the whole ‘Unicorn-shitting-money step’…”

50:20 Mallory discusses her New Year resolutions. She shares a creepy story about a postcard she once received.

59:45 Outro

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