117: Meaghan & Mary Beth

Meaghan Strickland and Mary Beth Smith

MEAGHAN STRICKLAND (@meaghanstrick) and MARY BETH SMITH (@thetokenginger) ramble and ruminate over the topics of TV shows, cellphones, sexy fictional characters, chastity belts and herbal vaginal balls.


0:00 Intro

0:55 Meaghan sent an AMAZING e-mail to Sammy

“Welcome to me: trainwreck.”

4:30 Meaghan feels left behind by pop culture, especially TV.

11:10 Meaghan is hopeless with technology and doesn’t have a cellphone right now. MBS’ parents pulled a Christmas gift prank on her. Meaghan is puzzled by the backlash against Love Actually.

21:25 We discuss our celebrity bang exception lists and fictional characters we’re attracted to. Things take a turn for the perverse when  animated characters enter consideration.

“She’s into bestiality…but we’re really more concerned about the drugs.”

31:50  MBS is moving in with her boyfriend. Meaghan is cool to the concept of cohabitation.

46:10 People’s passwords are stupidly simple.

49:15 A woman called the fire department because she lost the key to her chastity belt.

“Be very, very sexy. But don’t actually have sex. But be as sexy as you can. But please don’t actually have sex.”

52:20 Vagina Balls are a horrible, horrible thing now.

58:00 Outro

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