116: Rebecca & Tim

Rebecca Hanson and Tim Ryder

The hilarious REBECCA HANSON and TIM RYDER return to PopFury to talk about the passing of Alan Rickman and David Bowie, MST3K, the Oscar nominations and seeing Hamilton in NYC! To Rebecca’s delight, Crumpets Tamomi and his cousin, Scone, make an appearance.


0:00 Rebecca, who is not the host of the show, cues the intro

1:15 Alan Rickman has passed away at age 69.

3:15 David Bowie has passed away at age 69. Tim & Rebecca attended the Bowie exhibit in Chicago and share their favorite Bowie phase.

11:50 Tim Curry is age 69.

13:40 Tim & Rebecca were contributors to the MST3K kickstarter and have met and hung out with Joel.

19:50 Rebecca confirms Gary Busey is a terrible person. Sammy shares his horrible experience with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

26:00 The Oscar nominations were announced. Snark reigns as we run down the nominees.

39:15 Anne of Green Gables is being adapted to TV by a Breaking Bad writer.

41:55 3 people won the record Powerball jackpot.

45:37 A woman tried to be a good Samaritan and embarrassed herself.

49:20  They saw Hamilton in NYC.

58:30 Outro, where Sammy complains about their Facebook pictures

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