115: Tiff Svitko

Tiff Svitko

Possible Powerball billionaire TIFF SVITKO (@fnnylikeadonkey) talks about what she’d buy with the lottery winnings, latex bodysuits, dumb criminals, a felonious wedding engagement and explains what pregnancy is like.


0:00 Intro

1:05 No one won the Powerball lottery. It is now estimated to be worth 1.3 BILLION dollars. We speculate about what we would do with the winnings. Tiff thinks she could keep winning secret.

12:00 Tiff deep cleaned her apartment in preparation for the arrival of two new kittens. She had to teach her old cat how to “cat”.

20:40 We are confused by the Japanese trend of wearing latex body suits. Tiff describes the various latex suits she’d have.

25:40 A man planned to kidnap the the First Dog, Bo Obama. A bank robber left a bible behind after a robbery.

33:00 Tiff tries to explain what a woman goes through during pregnancy to Sammy. She would consider having another kid.

42:50 Please listen to our friends at Rabbit Hole: A Wikipedia

44:20 Tiff’s dating life is hilariously terrible as usual.

52:35 A couple got engaged at Walmart and then got arrested for shoplifting at a mall Spencer’s Gifts. Tiff recalls her own engagement over Sammy’s gasps.

1:01:04 Outro

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