114: Rachel & Carolyn

Rachel Huvard and Carolyn Sinon

Skort’s RACHEL HUVARD and CAROLYN SINON bring the cats and boardgames to PopFury! We talk about the closing of a “Catfe”, boardgaming with your family, the Snapchat carjacker and the internal womb speaker, the BabyPod!


0:00 Intro

1:00 Vancouver’s first Cat Cafe is closing. Sammy doubts Rachel’s supposed animal sympatico.

“Speaking as someone who naturally attracts cats…”

7:10 Rachel did not like Pixar’s Good Dinosaur. Carolyn recalls a memorable White Elephant.

11:55 A boy threatened his mother with a machete after playing a board game. Rachel and Carolyn describe their family’s gaming attitudes. Rachel recounts her experience in a Euchre tournament.

20:35 Caroline is disappointed by Devil in the White City. Rachel’s father read Don Quixote to her and her brother. Sammy doubts Rachel’s counting ability.

“I feel like you averted the real question here and that was how high can you actually count?”

26:50 Please give a listen to our friends at Rabbit Hole: A Wikipedia Podcast!

27:38 A carjacker was caught after exchanging Snapchat info with his victim. Rachel uses SnapCat and is confused about the concept of cat ownership.

“I like Snapchat because of the impermanence…because I can send as many dumb cat pictures as I want to my friends and they don’t live forever on the internet.”

31:35 Twitter may be expanding tweets from 140 characters…to 10,000 characters! Sammy doubts Rachel’s existence as a twitter account.

35:40 The BabyPod is a vaginal speaker to play music to your fetus. Rachel shares her plans for raising her clutch of farm children.

45:35 Caroline is watching three very different shows (Broadchurch, Doctor Who & Jessica Jones) that all have David Tennant in the lead.

53:00 Outro

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