112: Jamison & John

Jamison Webb and John Sabine

Second City’s JAMISON WEBB (@jamisonwebb) and JOHN SABINE (@jsabine214) close their year out with the PopFury Podcast! We talk about the Beatles music being released, giving marijuana to the homeless, Martin O’Malley’s lonely political rally, the sadness of Stuart Scott’s passing and Jamison’s culling of his CD collection.


0:00 Intro

1:45 Beatles music is finally available on streaming music sites. Jamison shares Uber small talk tips.

“We have $3,000 for joints. Great. How much would it cost to feed them? $2,000? Let’s do the joints…”

9:45 A Denver non-profit gave away marijuana joints to the homeless. Jamison and John have no concept of weight measurements.

16:10 A priest was suspended for riding a Hoverboard during Christmas mass. John recalls some grooving religious bands and his high school religion identity project.

24:35 Donald Trump tied Pope Francis as the second most admired person in the world. Sabine airs his suspicions about the older generation of voters and the boogeyman.

“I’m a very unique dude–I listen to HAMILTON and I want to vote for Bernie Sanders. I’m a snowflake.”

31:40 Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley held a political rally…where only one person showed up.

36:10 John thinks Will Smith’s Concussion movie was just “fine”

38:50 Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the opportunity to play Anakin in the prequels.

“I want to know how many things have to go wrong or right for Leo to be your first choice and Hayden Christiansen to be second behind Leo.”

42:00 Stuart Scott’s death made Jamison cry. John reveals which episode of The Office made him tear up.

44:50 A Tae Kwon Do teacher knocked out his 5-year-old student. John’s equipment malfunctions and Jasmison eulogizes him. Jamison’s childhood sports background is suspect at best.

54:35 Jamison just cleared out BOXES of CDs he’s been holding on to. We explore his fascination with liner notes.

1:02:40 Outro

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