107: Scott Goldstein

Scott Goldstein

SCOTT GOLDSTEIN (@GoldyHawks) returns to Studio 1Q to talk about the Second City Letters to Santa marathon, Steven Seagal, our fashion glory days, Chicago politics, Bernie Sanders and his comedy hiatus.


0:00 Intro

0:45 Scott was part of Second City’s 24-hour marathon for the Letters to Santa charity. We discuss the nature of altruism and the SC marathon experience. Goldstein’s Google tip: “Steve Albini Christmas Huffington Post”

7:30 Scott would not recommend a juice cleanse and is confused by Spotify.

10:15 He is a Grateful Dead fan but did not care for his concert experience in Nashville.

“We used to think you could get high off of a clove cigarette if you just held it in long enough.”

15:30 Steven Seagal has been offered a job to train Serbian Special Forces. Scott explains why he didn’t have a good time at the Dead concert.

20:20 We remember our fashion glory days

23:00 Black Friday was the biggest gun sales day ever. We discuss the allure and politics of guns.

“The reason it’s no fun to talk politics anymore is because it’s gone absolutely batshit crazy.”

28:40 Scott talks politics.

35:40 Racist Facebook comments are being posted on billboards to shame users.

39:00 Scott is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Goldstein’s Google Tip: “Bill Clinton finest Republican president”

42:45 Please listen to our friends the Remake and Rabbit Hole podcasts!

“I hate to break this to people…improv and sketch is not the way to make a fortune.”

44:30 Scott took a little a time off but is getting back into the swing of things. We ponder when you should you call it quits.

54:55 Outro

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