106: Erin & Tim

Erin Rooney and Tim Chidester

Voracious omnivores ERIN ROONEY and TIM CHIDESTER devour the delicious topics of accents, Star Wars, SPECTRE, pizza, Doo Doo the Clown and scary movies!


0:00 Intro

0:50 Erin speaks the Queen’s English. Tim visited Cape Cod and ate all the food. Sammy wonders about Erin’s (lack of an) accent.

“Nobody walks around Boston going, ‘Pahrk yahr cahr in Hahvahrd Yahrd’…”

9:45 Erin was a college DJ. Tim has the hipsterest friends ever. They love going to concerts together.

15:10 Erin has more couple photos on her Facebook than Tim.

18:20 Tim is a Star Wars fan; Erin grew up in a Star Trek family. Erin is a “master” of “impressions”.

23:40 Tim is looking forward to Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight. We talk about going to the movies on Christmas day.

26:22 SPOILER WARNING: We discuss the newest James Bond movie, SPECTRE, and the other recent Bond movies.

32:00 The Mafia has issued a warning to ISIS…NYC is under their protection. Tim corrects Sammy on his Mafia terminology.

“You didn’t stack your pizza…I’m not attracted to you anymore.”

35:20 A study claims that in a woman’s presence, men eat more pizza. Erin LOVES to eat.

41:00 Doo Doo the Clown and his clown colleagues saved a woman. Erin HATES clowns.

44:35 Erin is a fan of paranormal tv shows and movies, but can’t can’t tolerate scary clowns or dolls. We bond over our favorite scary movies and hatred of torture porn.

52:45 Curlers united in protest over a new broom. Erin and Tim explain the Designated Hitter rule to Sammy.

57:50 Outro

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