105: Molly & Lisa

Molly Jones and Lisa Burton

LOVABLE(?) LISA BURTON and MOLLY JONES take over the podcast and turn the hosting tables on Sammy! We talk about Sammy’s improv past, the genesis of the PopFury podcast, the Twilight series, Jessica Jones, Hamilton, crying and Team Awful/Team Awesome.


0:00 Intro

1:00 Winter has arrived in Chicago.

“You have to catch the snowflakes on your tongue. Are you an idiot? Do you not know how to Snow? C’mon!”

2:25 Lovable(?) Lisa Burton and Molly take over the podcast and interview Sammy. They ask about blowing his knee out onstage, test his rapping skills, his move to Chicago in 2000 and his improv origins.

12:15 We discuss the philosophy of “Other people’s successes are not my failures.” Sammy discusses the origins, format and guests of PopFury Podcast. Sammy thanks Mark Colomb for pushing him to create it and Daniel Strauss for being his first guest.

21:44 Sammy was one of the names thanked in the book GURU by Jeff Griggs. He was forced to read the TWILIGHT books. Lovable(?) Lisa Burton thinks Sammy and Mel Evans met Robert Pattinson.

“Not all of us are weak women like Sammy Tamimi.”

27:00 Sammy and Lovable(?) Lisa Burton are watching Netflix’s JESSICA JONES. We analyze the appeal of the HAMILTON musical & Adele’s new album 25.

36:25 Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are now dating. We reveal the last songs we cried to and our go to things when we’re sad. Sammy recommends seeing the movie BROOKLYN.

43:45 Sammy admits it used to feel good to vent and be petty. Lovable(?) Lisa Burton explains the Team Awful/Team Awesome philosophy. We explore how relationships may change someone.

48:15 Outro

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