104: Michaela & Mallory

Michaela Petro and Mallory Nees

MICHAELA “TABLE BUSTER” PETRO and MALLORY “ON YOUR” NEES defend their championship belts in Studio 1Q when they talk about showmances, reality cooking shows, the Paris attacks, the Ronda Rousey fight and JNCO’s comeback.


0:00 Intro, where–despite having a written reminder–Sammy yet again mispronounces Michaela’s last name.

1:15 Michaela left her former job and now (beeps) people at the gym for money and also does something altruistic with pie. She humblebrags about playing a recruiter for an Aborting School on Chicago PD. Mallory went to THE Acting School.

“This is not an objectively attractive person…but talent is erotic.”

11:00 Michaela and Mallory dig into showmances and working with your significant other on a creative project. Mallory won’t date coworkers.

20:40 Mallory is a fan of Great British Bake Off & MasterChef Junior but not of the stylish Guy Fieri. We discuss our feelings about Gordon Ramsay. Mallory is a hippie baker.

29:00 Michaela’s bike, “Foxy,” was recently stolen and recovered. Sammy thinks she’s way too into her stupid bike.

“There is no sense of fulfillment greater than getting a lot of Likes on a Facebook post.”

35:50 A study shows that going a week without Facebook makes you happier. We get a dark unfiltered look at Michaela’s mind.

41:00 We get serious when Mallory and Michaela ponder the social media response to the Paris attacks and their personal way to show their support.

“I don’t know when it happened, but we all forgot we are human…”

51:45 Please listen to fellow podcasts Remake and Rabbit Hole!

53:00 Undefeated Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey lost to Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm. We determine our fighting nicknames and walk in music. Mallory trained to slap a boyfriend in the face.

“I really feel like I could unleash…there’s an untapped reservoir of rage that lives in me.”

1:04:30 Sammy thinks Michaela’s fighting philosophy is her dating philosophy. Mallory provides foley FX as we talk about leaving exes behind.

1:07:10 JNCO is returning. Michaela and Mallory share their JNCO fashion past. Michaela wishes Technicolor T-Shirts & Mr T cereal would come back.

1:14:45 Jose Conseco’s finger fell off while playing poker.

1:18:00 Outro

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