103: Shawn & Stephen

Shawn Bowers and Stephen Winchell

Nerds SHAWN BOWERS and STEPHEN WINCHELL talk comic books, online trolls, Toys R Us, the Amazon book store and a study on sarcasm!


0:00 Intro

1:00 Shawn and Stephen are co-hosts of the Omnibus, a live-lit show about comics. Sammy wonders if they would downplay their nerdery when dating and what would be their nerd dealbreaker.

“If you’re very, very into Joss Whedon…I’m gonna be a little cautious.”

8:15 Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override has been optioned to become a movie. We delve into Gamergate and the motives of online trolls.

13:45 Stephen has been reading Superman comics from the 40s. Sammy wonders how politically incorrect it is. Stephen describes “jerk” Superman.

16:30 Star Trek is returning to TV and Stephen is worried. Shawn and Sammy don’t understand Stephen’s hatred of the modern Star Trek movies.

21:15 The 14-year-old Toys R Us CPO is retiring. We reminisce on the experience of buying video games at Toys R Us and making wishbooks.

“It’s like a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode happening in your head every time you go to a coffee shop.”

26:20 Amazon has opened a physical book store in Seattle. Shawn almost tried the 2-hour Amazon local delivery and we get confused about the etiquette of tipping in a cashless society.

34:30 The Tesco supermarkets are hiring Christmas lights untanglers. Shawn pitches his Santa Hologram idea.

37:05 Scientists have discovered that sarcastic people are the smartest people.

“So that must mean the writers of Frasier were all geniuses…”

42:21 Shawn gives a non-spoiler review of SPECTRE.

47:00 Outro

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