102: Kat & Tim

Kat Gotsick and Tim Chidester

KAT GOTSICK (@kgotsick)and TIM CHIDESTER (@thetimchidester), trick and treat Studio 1Q when they banter about butts, nuts and nunchucks!


0:00 Intro

0:50 Tim and Kat discuss their Halloween outfits. Chicago business Weiner Circle “dressed up” as McDowells from the movie Coming To America.

“I’m talking way more about butt stuff than I intended to.”

7:20 Kat is toying with the idea of a colonic. We break down use of a bidet.

12:25 ESPN has shuttered Grantland. Kat writes for BroJackson.com, which owes it origins to Grantland. She uses a nom de plume when writing online.

“Tragedy + No Time = BroJackson”

19:35 Tim discusses what he’d name his son. Kat has a Kindle Unlimited subscription, which amuses us to no end. Tim and Kat do not care for Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.

25:30 Tim and Kat are fans of The Martian.

32:00 A California police department is going to equip its officers with nunchucks. Tim and Kat debate what music those kung fu cops would listen to on patrol. Apropos of absolutely nothing, Kat talks about Scream Queens.

“Are they going to have to walk around shirtless listening to Asia?”

37:00 Taking photos of your testicles in scenic vistas (“Nutscaping”) is a thing now (NSFW). Tim predicts the future of political porn judgment. Kat had the “typical” Tinder experience recently.

47:45 A soldier dressed as a suicide bomber for Halloween and caused a military base shut down. Sammy and Tim suspect Kat may be racially profiling.

53:35 Outro

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